School Programs

UGOT DANCE works with schools in two ways:  offering extracurricular dance clubs during lunch and nutrition breaks or after school; helping to deliver the dance curriculum.


UGOT DANCE Clubs are non-competitive dance programs that get children moving. Great for boys and girls ages 3 and up; no previous dance training is required.

Clubs are cost-effective and convenient for parents; easy for schools. The classes are about dance and fitness, but the emphasis is on FUN FUN FUN!

Classes include safe arrival procedures, stretching, aerobics, dance games, movement and choreography set to age-appropriate popular music, and safe dismissal. Family and friends are invited to the final class of each Term to see the students dance and receive Certificates of Achievement.

Typically, our Dance Clubs are usually paid for by parents, however, we provide a pricing alternative for schools who want to subsidize a club program or offer it at no cost to their students.

Hosting a UGOT DANCE club is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select a day of the week and time for the Club to be held
  2. Determine the location (the gym, library, atrium, stage or empty classroom)
  3. Send out the registration flyers.

We offer convenient online registration and phone-in registration options.

UGOT DANCE Curriculum Programs

UGOT DANCE works cooperatively with classroom teachers to fulfill the dance curriculum for Grades K to 8. Our curriculum programs are customized for each school’s goals and budget.

  • UGOT DANCE instructors are trained to follow the Arts Curriculum – Each lesson contains elements of Expose, Experience, Perform, and Relate.
  •  Students become familiar with dance vocabulary and their application. They learn group routines, individual choreography and performance skills.
  •  We can teach 2 classrooms at a time (approximately 60 students). We request that classroom teachers are there to help maintain order around the fringes.
  •  The UGOT DANCE instructor will arrive at the appointed time with music and sound equipment
  • Choose from full days of dance for the entire school, multiple days of dance for selected grades or single-time workshops. There is a 2 hour daily minimum
  • Grade-Specific Teacher’s Kits: Participating classroom teachers will each receive a grade-specific Teacher’s Kits to build the dance lessons into a full unit. The kit includes glossary of dance terms, rubrics for the report card, classroom discussion points, co-curricular activities, and student self-evaluation forms. There’s even a Certificate of Achievement for the students.

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