Childcare Programs

UGOT DANCE offers funtastic programs for childcare centres for summer holidays, school breaks, PA Days and all year long.

Option 1: Single-time workshops

Our instructors will come to your centre to conduct super fun dance workshops in a pre-determined dance style. Select from Hip Hop, Bollywood, African, or Latin. Each workshop begins with fitness warm ups to stretch muscles and limber up the creative spirit, followed by dance moves and group choreography. At the end of the session, the kids will break into groups and perform the choreography for one another.

Each single-time workshop is 2 hours long and may be divided into separate sessions for different age groups. For instance: 30 minutes for pre-school; 30 minutes for kindergarten; 60 minutes for school age.

Option 2: International Dance Workshop Series

Our International Dance Workshop Series of four workshops is perfect for centres that want the celebrate the diversity of dance around the world. We will work with you to select the mix of  dance styles that will best appeal to your children. Tie in our dance workshops to Olympic celebrations or other cultural events and dance your way to loads of fun. This series is particularly great during the summer when children come and go, making it rare that we are teaching the same children each week.  International Dance Workshops can be repeated twice over the summer or spaced out throughout the summer every two weeks.

 Format 3: Progressive Hip Hop Dance

UGOT DANCE will conduct a series of progressive Hip Hop dance lessons held during the academic year or throughout the summer during which they will learn original group choreography. Children will perform for family and friends at the end of the summer. Each child will receive a Certificate of Achievement and collectible buttons. We recommend 30-40 minute weekly classes for pre-school/kindergarten children; 60 minute lessons for school age groups.


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